Thursday, March 4, 2010


Torture is evil.
What, you don't believe there is such a thing as evil? You think that everything that happens is just random, in the midst of a universe where evil and good do not exist except in the souls of naive humans who dream this stuff up?
Well, you're wrong there. Believe me, torture is evil--wherever and whenever it is practiced, whether by KGB, CIA, or SLA.. It is never justified.
We in the civilized world have due process of law and trial by jury. You believe in evolution? This is it. Due process supplants torture as the genomically improved means for highly evolved humans to establish truth in a world plagued by evil.
Is waterboarding evil? Yes.
Is torture evil when Jack Bauer does it? No, because Jack Bauer doesn't really exist. He's just a character that some tv writers dreamed up.
But the implicit advocacy of torture in Jack's character is evil. And I say that being a fan of 24. But life ain't simple and shit happens, and I'm confused by my own predilictions to be entertained by action shows with twisty plots and timely themes that take on our 21st century grappling with evil.
Torture is evil, spite of the fact that Jack Bauer seems to make good use of it. Don't believe everything you see on tv.
Hamas men torturing their own comrades in a prison--that's evil. And that's the depravityl that Mosab Hassan Yousef discovered when he was in an Israeli jail. That revelation of evil to young Mosab drove him to the awareness that something is rotten in Hamas. Something is rotten in the world.
Yes, Virginia, there is evil in the world.
And torture is it, among other things, like for instance concentration camps.

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