Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trauma Time

Here's an excerpt from Glass Chimera, which, thank God, finally made it to print last week:

This just in:
Rob Cerebrum took one look at an urgent feed coming off the wire just now. I’m not believing this. But after a second look, and confirmation codes accurately displayed on his screen, he could see it was the real thing, not a drill! He grabbed the microphone at his desk, wrapped his index around the “ON” button, and spoke clearly into the mesh:
“Attention. This is Rob Cerebrum. Red Alert! Red Alert! Code Red! Code Red! We are now experiencing a Stage 1 Trauma in Sector T-10. This is not a drill! We are now experiencing a Stage 1 Trauma in Sector T-10. Attention all Oligodendrocytes in the T-10 Sector. We have a breach in the spinal cord. I repeat. We have a breach in the spinal cord at T-10. All oligodendrocytes within protocol range of T-10 are ordered to immediately begin production and transfer of Myelin to T-10 Sector. All myelin-related proteins and lipids within protocol range of T-10 report immediately to your nearest oligodendrocyte for further instruction.
All bone and blood cells in T-10, you are now under lockdown. Assist in protection and fortification of traumatized neurons in your area. Trauma stage is extreme! Ischemia is critical! Oligodendrocytes, begin immediate construction of myelin sleeve to arrest breach in neurons and defend axons. All neuronal personnel in protocol range of T-10 should remain on your post assisting in fortification and reinforcement of damaged axons.
These orders are effective immediately, until amended by further announcement from central command. All Rob cells keep yourselves vigilant until this crisis is under control. Uphold our highest purpose at all times: One for All, and All for One.
This is Rob Cerebrum signing off. Next announcement in five minutes.

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