Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tunis truth to Tehran torts

Teams together in Tunis turned
their tide of crescent history
toward tasting liberty,
but not totally.

Then did their trajectory
of twittering destiny
take Tahrir in a torrent swift
't'would turn even Tutankhamen in a facebook shift.

Now on toward treacherous Tripoli
did their turbulent testing try to be
but this time in a tragic tale
of tripping on the tyrant's tail.

Recalling Turkish triumphs and Tbilisi tanks
and all Trafalgar cartographers aside, no thanks,
shariah shots ring through Teheran
turning Persian poets totali-tarian.

While Tobiah's treacherous taunts turn tough,
Sanballat's sandy tirades are stiff enough
to twist even stable Saudi traits
to Taliban sands in emirates.

If taqiyah tells a tale that's not so true
this troublesome tide taunts the Israeli Jew
whose talking Torah tradition crashes
against the swathe of crescent slashes.

To turn the tide now 't'would be tough.

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