Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Swan Song of J. Al DasCapital

For some it's a good thing; for others a bad,
to be like the capitalist, or provoke socialist rad.
Back in the day, Rockefeller and Carnegie forged the enterprise deal;
JPMorgan and Ford cranked up capitalist zeal.
But then in '29 the machine broke down; all hell broke loose.
It was a train wreck for sure, from engine to caboose.
Smart as he was, Hoover was thought clueless in '32,
so they brought in Roosevelt to set up a new deal crew.
The gov from New York saved us, so they say,
with a big shot of socialism, making work for payday.

Now these days, since the meltdown of '08,
we've the same situation, but reverse, on our plate:
Big Spender Barack's in the driver's seat; he's catchin' the flack,
while Money-movin' Mitt says its time to get back
to those good ole days when investors and innovators were calling the shots,
before all these Keynesian Krugmanites got the hots
for quantitative easing, and stimulus, and priming the pump;
'cause they give us a ride, but we don't get over the hump.

Now out here on Main Street where the grassroots grow,
in the shops and garages where the mom and pops know,
we whip up the long tails; we push pins in the bubbles;
we wink at the black swans and laugh at the troubles.
Class warfare's just a phrase in some socialist goad,
inequality just a pothole, a mere bump in the road.
No flash-tradin' froth, no credit default fizz,
we just work with what can be, and we deal with what is.
If the day ever comes when the gov regulates us beyond reason,
or corporations have all the wealth tied up for the season,
we'll just stick out our necks and we'll sing our swan song,
cuz life in the free market goes on and goes on.

Glass half-Full

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