Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Celebratin Dadahood


To father a child is awesome.

You can't just grab the kid and toss 'im.

To raise that child is a heavy duty--

gotta provide some food and some booty

Yeah, it be a responsibility weight:

you gotta make an impact on his fate.

But raisin him up has benefits:

Satisfaction 'stead of cracky fits and chasin tits

Yeah to love and care for mama be a joyous thing

make a man rap and hip and hop and sing.

Love is where its at I say

it really the best and only way

My Man Sneeze--he be a friend o mine--laid down his rappin hiphop track

about his dada, his life, his son, his escape from whack


Ain't no sob.

When a man realize he brought another soul into the world

by getting it on wi his precious girl

what a revelation to find that beautiful pearl

it make a man wanna change his world.

Yeah Sneeze say, yeah so Jah say:

(and I hear today)

"…wish I could be a makin up for the time I missed."

(gotta be better way than the rock and fist)

"…the ------ wasn't meant for us."

(thats right you know we gotta get beyond the fuss)

Yeah Sneeze say, so Jah say:

(and I hear today:)

"Mysiah (my son) need to be in clothes;

thats why I'm in the zone--try and open up some bigger holes."

(I say yeah the son gotta be taken care of

and Sneeze make a way for the boy to get out of

a way mo better that what his dada had

a way to make dada and son be glad.)

Tha's a rap and tha's a wrap,

aint no flap

and he told the world that

and I told the world what.

Glass half-Full

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