Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Show me a Man with Courage

. . .And I'll show you Todd Akin.

Show me a man who is willing to let the people of his home state render a verdict on his leadership potential;

show me a man who refuses to be bullied by power-obsessed politicians of both parties;

show me a man who is not intimidated by manipulative nitpicking media wonks;

show me a man who is humble enough to publicly apologize;

show me a man who is a little bit naive, a man who still has, like me and thee, a few lessons to learn;

show me a man who can gracefully accept those lessons while serving the people of his constituency;

Show me a state of people who will elect a Senator who rejects the dodgy, sound-bite-spurting equivocation of most politicians,

and I'll show you Missouri, home of Harry Truman and Todd Akin.

O Missouri! show us a man of courage!

And another thing while I've got you here. . .

Show me a man that's got a good woman


and I'll show you a man who loves his woman instead of rape crimes.

Glass half-Full

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