Saturday, September 1, 2012

Are you a communitarian or a communist?

Are you a
communitarian or a communist
are you a
socialite or a socialist
are you an
idealist or and ideologue
are you a
pacifist or a passivist
are you a
worrier or a warrior
Are you a
doer or a thinker, a
tinker or a tanker, a
flanker or a banker
are you a
mover or a shaker, a
butcher or a baker
are you a candlestick maker
are you a maker
or a taker
a stinker or a winker
a teetotaler or a drinker
are you a blinker
surely you're not a stinker
maybe you a smoker
maybe you a joker
the ayes have it
the eyes have it
the ears hear it
here here
there there
where where
are you fair
do you care
do you share
are you communitarian or
or either?
Come on now. Make up your mind.
Be kind.

Glass Chimera

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