Friday, May 31, 2013

Rebekah's Choice

Many and many a year ago, a man named Abraham sent his best employee out into the world to find a bride for his son, Isaac.
Things were different then, don't ya know. Kids were not just left on their own to make such decisions. This may sound crazy to us postmoderns, but then a lot of what we do could be called crazy also.
Abraham instructed his employee, Eliezar, specifically, in how he wanted Isaac's prospective bride to be found. This involved a simple mission: Eliezar was instructed to travel to a certain, distant place to seek out a particular kind of honorable woman. When Eliezar arrived at the appointed destination, it being a long distance from Abraham's chosen home, Eliezar stopped at a water well to refresh himself and his camels.
Eliezar, a very intuitive fellow, decided to make this oasis-stop a part of his selection process. He began immediately to scope out the place where he had paused, with the intention to spot a young woman whose qualities were appropriate for marriage to his boss' son. He decided that he would make a request of any young, suitable woman who happened to be at the well. He would ask her to use her jar to obtain some water for him from the well.
He also determined that the woman who would demonstrate kindness and hospitable behavior by offering to also draw water his camels--she would be the one.
A find young lady, Rebekah, stopped at the well, and she did exactly that.
So Eliezar spoke his request to her, and she was favorable to it. He gave her some lovely bling and they went to her father to complete the consent process for marriage between Rebekah and Isaac.
When Eliezar presented the proposal to her dad, Laban, he agreed, and suggested that Rebekah should spend about ten days at home before leaving to join her future husband. They agreed to this.
After these plans had been worked out, they called Rebekah and said to her:
"Will you go with this man?"

And she said:
"I will go."

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