Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Where earth has poured out its magma heart
onto ocean's sphere, things begin to happen
Then stony solidity challenges watery
and blocked kinesis thrusts
patterns onto the wavy deep.
'Tis then the great fluid finds its
and the waves their wobbly wanderings.
'Tis then
the splashy sea find its unsettled voice,
lending boisterous mayhem to the world:
Islands become frontiers of landed life, and
continents become monuments of tectonic
and mankind finds itself at home therein.
This is a fair place to spend eternity,
if it were so,
but if not, there is a better world
to which we go.
Don't ask me how I know;
it is the substance of things unseen
to which our faith doth flow.

Glass half-Full

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