Thursday, November 27, 2014

One fine sparkl'n morn

I suggest listening to this tune from Jay Ungar while reading my poem below:

This sparkl'n morn
my mind got shorn
of modern stuff when
snowy fluff
flew in my head
I know I know
what memories these are I think I know
Pull out me ole buckboard wagon
while routine tasks be laggin'
n sun-bright winter morn
of crisp cold sparkles leapin'
beneath them high-steppin' hooves
it sho' behooves
me here somehow in long gone valleys' Appalachian
long lost memories a-hatchin'
buckboard dreams n
bak'n beans o'er the fire
n some long gone shire
I know I know
what flashes these be I think I see
me n thee trav'lin time and time agin
don' know how don' know when
but I know this I somehow know
Pull out me ole fiddle n
fiddle awhile sling out me ole singsong
n singalong tagalong we go
behind horse drawn in the snow
then sway'n 'cross the kitchen flo'
while the ole fiddles wail
n horse's whishin' tail
where it come from I don' know
yet I do know I know
I think I hear I hear it in the wind
same ole tune from long ago
maybe waltz
from mem'ries toss'd
them gran'pas have send
or gran'mas somehow do lend
to tune our imaginary ears
n sway away our twenty-first fears
how it was in that day n time
front porch boards whistlin' in
winter wind while kickin'
snowy shoes at the door
before all this other stuff
come along I see
me an thee
when pony heals kick up fluff
cold n white n spark'n fine
n snowy valleys froze in time
in someone's mind
I know it mine.
It sho' do shine.

Glass half-Full

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