Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We're up ship creek

In the unlikely development that Republicans' diversion of public money from the public sector to the corporate sector actually turns our zombie economy around, who will get the credit? Our Democratic President, or our Republican lawmakers? If their fiscal buckarooing falls flat and appears to be a fizzle two years from now, who will get the blame-- the braying asses or the blubbering elephants?

The House Republicans have now gotten themselves into a highly visible position of public responsibility. If their corporate coffering blows up in their faces, and we still have a sputtering wannabe recovery instead of a new morning in America when its time to vote again, they will have a difficult task in pointing the finger at the man whose re-election they so direly oppose.

In the great money-grubbin' tug of war between unionists and corporatists--in that fierce tussle between our two growling, grunting special-interest-spewing bully teams as they contend for guv'ment greenbacks to mainline one side's funds instead of t'other's--whadaya say we call it a draw, and split the honkin' budget down the middle!

Let the dems build public rights-of-way and rails, while the repubs invest in sleek state-of-the-art market-powered maglevs and modern locos to glide and roll on innovated thorofares of improved travel. Put the two together and we'll have a transportation system worthy of 21st century excellence--an impressive phase three of our earlier stage-one iron-horse stagecoach intercontinental railways and our 50s-era phase-two Eisenhower-inspired gasoline-fed, overcrowded inefficient interstate highway system.

And if our armed forces don't fall into disgrace under the voyeured influence of journalists digging up stories of wild sex on aircraft carriers instead of documenting the once-noble defense of a freedom-loving nation, we'll be able to get around this wide continent without payin' an arm and a leg for it.

Glass half-Full

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