Saturday, September 3, 2011

Go and Do.

Say, oh
say that star-spangled banner
does yet wave. The brave doctor King did
raise his voice and he did
call out to a people from amongst the fields and forges
of this imperfect nation. Yes, he did
challenge us from atop the steps of blood-bought
liberty to
gather, and to
carve from the mountain of despair a stone of hope;
thus did the
oppression of a former age
become the foundation of a new work of freedom upon the
Be free.
Pull that barge, and
tote that bale
became, no longer, some strawboss command,
but instead, a new summons to
do the work of living free. No free lunch, you
Watch the sun rise and set as ye
stand upon that old mountain of despair, to
conquer it, and to
wield a chisel upon its craggy immensity..
Listen to the whistling of the wind across our prairie
Hear the cry of the hoot owl in the forest.
Rise up.
Gather the seed, and
plant it.
Dig out the iron, and
smelt it for steel.
Find the copper, and
collect the sun.
Seek the gold.
Give it to your wife, to your children.
Multiply what your fathers and mothers have sewn into your world.
Though it be small, it
be much, enough to
work with.
Extract the resources of a new age from the cracks of
the old.
Lift up from the fissures of failing institutions the
cornerstones of the next.
Pull that wire.
Draw that dream.
Key that message to your people.
Build future. It aint what it used to
be. Your welfare rests not upon an SS check;
yeah, it doth
kindle behind your eyes. It doth
smolder between your shoulders.
Go, and
Wait no longer, but do
wait upon the Lord.

Glass half-Full

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