Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Notion of Equality

To say that God created all men


Now that is one thing. But

to apprehend the throne of God and then

set up men as his replacements, in order to


all the inequality, that is another.

It just aint natural to try and make

everybody equal.

I mean

Lenin tried that, right? And then Stalin and

look what happened there.

Oh they had a great idea, right.

To rip down the palatial pile of czarist wealth and

redistribute it, so everybody's got the same.

Looks good on paper but then

the working out of it, the the the i mean the


the gulag and the schmulag and the ragtag


equalization of it, well it . . .

you tell me.

What about Mao's millions

laid upon the altar of

the people's perfect plan,

some great hungry leap forward to revolutionize culture

like some vulture

would do, and then cometh Pol Pot,

with the common pot, and a head shot

and oh what an income redistribution hotshot.

I mean, you

may think I'm oversimplifying this but hey

that's the point.

Filling God's shoes with human ruse now

that's a tall order.

How's that workin out for ya?

Glass Chimera