Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kick the can down the cliff

"Kick the can off the cliff;
swipe your card cuz what's the diff?
Find a hole and dump your load;
Kick your bucket down the road."
Get your kicks.

This is what cousin vinny said
before he odeed and woke up dead.
Then he sent a postcard from hell;
what he said I'll never tell.
Well maybe.

He said he'd just as soon take a dive;
to preserve his image of cook and jive,
but then his jig was up too soon;
he cooked it up in a dirty spoon.
Y'know what I'm sayin?

It all started back on the road,
when jack left home and kissed a toad,
but then it pricked us in the back
and sank our mission in lake kerooac.

That beat all I ever seen,
to shuck the buck and shoot up the dream;
'til along came a slicker hack;
he sat on a candlestick, that newer jack.
Far out!

"Steal this book. Question everything.
Forget the picket fence; have a fling.
One pill makes you larger; one makes you small."
Now the folks who paid the bills
won't do anything at all.

Kick the can down the cliff.
Snort some plastic and take a whiff.
We be high, but now we broke
since we went upstairs and had a smoke.

I read the news today oh boy
lady gogo got a new toy,
and some whacko shot us, news at eleven:
forget about heaven.
Happy new year.

Glass Chimera

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