Thursday, April 18, 2019


there’s gold in them thar hills,
somewhere up near sutter’s mill:
them’s words that sparked the great gold rush,
and set us up us for the great golden push
California be the place you gotta go
so we loaded up our siri for sausalito
cruisin’ somewhere o’er the rainbow
where gentle dwellers come and go
speaking what makes their property ’ssesments grow
them gatlins said all the gold that’s there
be locked in some bank in beverly here where
somebody else will that precious stuff share
but hey
this is what i say
whatever stuff upon your dreams do thrive
whatever you do to keep that dream alive
whether you track with ferlinghetti
or train your sights on images of getty
keep that california dreamin alive
lest u get waylaid in some hotel california dive
where some say there’s alchemic gold
in that stuff that owsley sold
cuz when you wish upon a star
makes no difference where you are
whether u b goin’ to surf city surf city
or lookin for dem hollywood pretty
maybe try to hawk you little ditty
in tinsel town jez be twitty
cuz it be a factory town you know
they crankin up th’dream factory fo’ show
and when you wish to sight a star
makes no diff'n where you are
Cal the place you oughta go
so we loaded up the boat for sausalito
where weather underground stars did go
then caught light of day in law’n’order show
while light falls apart in a little room
like Alice with some kind of ‘shroom
on stanyan street
if you catch by beat,
where gentle dwellers come n go
speaking softly of how property ’ssesments grow
yeah demmie residents come and go
speak’n of what makes dem property ‘ssessments grow
but this i know
it may be all for show
okie from muskogee said
California or bust or ’til i’m dead
but whether u  b muskogee okie
yes i know i b get’n lit'bit hokey
or if'n  you b some smart silicon geek
u got to admit dat state is pretty sleek
been California dreamin’ all this week!
though you know i aint no freak
oh what fools’gold these mortals seek
u gotta believe it I know
and i be tellin you fo’ sho’
as so i been told
dem streets be wired wit gold
though i now be gettn’ somewhat old:
all that glitters is not gold
what stuff our dreams are made of, or so i’m told
may the bird of paradise eclipse  your deepest woes
in the land of gold'n dreams and shows
here in California.
Don't say I didn't warn ya.

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