Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Covered People in Naked Society

They advise  strip off all baggage from old time.
They urge try fantastic low-hanging fruit.
They recommend taste little bit
They demand take nother byte


We ask who said kids do nude
We teach kids run for cover blude
We gather our children beneath mama skirts
We papa protect what left because it right.
They say go free of hangups
They say bare it all
They say it fun
They say uninhabit inhibition
We say go jump in lake
We had all we could take
We say you always on the make
We see you fake.
They catch up us at crossroads.
They judge us out of touch
They sentence us unfair and square
They say strip if you dare
We say  we dont care for it
We wont fall for come-on  tit
We  find unfriend message hit
We remember blood on holy ground
We all across the world hear sacred sound
We in spite of what goes down all around
We once was lost but now we found.

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