Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A Silk Purse!

 Down here in the South we have an old saying about any person who is trying to take something that is bad and make it look good:

Why, he’s tryin’ to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!


We’ve heard tell that some foxy news commentator was a-tryin’ to gather up a bunch of old movies a’showin’ that the Confederate rampage attack on our Congress weren’t really an attack, but 't'was just like some kinda walk in the park.

 Walk softly and carry a big stick, huh, Kevin?

A walk in the park, huh. . . like as if them proud boys from out in the sticks somewhere decided that their time of standin’ back was all stood out and that their standin’ by had to give way to a lolly’gaggin’ out to a the pig pen where they would just twist off an ear or two of corny ole’ hog footage and wrangle it into some kinda silky-smith video so folks watchin’ it on TV would think the maga mob was just having a stroll through the dome like the ole folks at home. . . meanwhile back at the ranch there's some fellers out there settiin' up a gallows for some fella named Joe. I don't reckon they found him though.

Well, Tuck, by an' by really what was happ’n, seemed to me--an' I just saw it on TV, y'know, was breakin’ and enterin’.  I mean, at the very least . . Last time we checked that was a crime.


 mean, there was one person who died in that excursion but I hear’d tell that she was the one breakin’ and enterin’. Crime don't pay is what they taught us back in the day, back in the good ole days but I guess them good ole days are long gone by now.

Well, good luck, Tuck!  If you can make all that look like a walk in the park, my hat’s off to ya ‘cuz you shonuff are one foxy news manipulator!

 Glass half-full

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