Friday, January 25, 2019

This is for the birds

I thought I’d take a gander
at our nation’s slow meander
into polarized politics’ clown’d identities,
as chronic deficits  drain our amenities.
Meanwhile back at the ranch
not much chance in extending an olive branch
in  the present  state of our union,
cuz our leaders share no communion.
They find it advantageous to split  into camps
which somehow blows out our Liberty lamps.
So obsessed with the clown scenario showdown,
congress anoints the annual guvmint shutdown,
until  the farcical politics runs its course
while our nation’s deficit’s on a runaway horse.
Someday no credibility will be left in the US dollar
as Fed and Treasury in red ink they waller.
Someday dollars will be valued as turds,
cuz their politicking's all for the birds.

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