Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blogging in Stone

We moved to the West, having been born in the East,
subduing the wild, taming the beast.
While striving in metal and sweating o'er stone
we forged out destiny, and carved us a home.

We paused to ponder, to find purpose and rest,
to identify some truths and preserve the best.
Looking heavenward for faith, we found hope and love,
but we cast it aside when push came to shove.

Now we consider our fate and ponder where it went--
this wonder and faith that was birthed in a tent,
while the old beast rises up among us again
to dismantle and slay us, Civilized Man.

But when earthen pots are broken again into pieces,
when sheep are slain, and turned into fleeces,
don't despair into thinking it's the end of the game,
but rebuild and strengthen the things that remain.

Glass half-Full

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